Pearson Australia

Pearson Australia is the country's leading publisher of educational resources and is the home of Rigby and Heinemann. Pearson is committed to helping people learn at every stage of their life from primary and secondary school through to vocational, university and professional studies. The company has a long history of publishing Pacific curriculum materials, with over one hundred titles currently available. Notable titles include Encyclopaedia Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea Picture Dictionary, Famous People of PNG, Pacific Writers’ Series and PNG Wallmaps.
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Macmillan is one of the largest and best known international publishing houses in the world, characterised by academic and professional, educational, fiction and non-fiction publishing of the highest quality. Macmillan brands include; Macmillan Education, Nature, Palgrave Macmillan, and Pan and Picador.
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Science Research Associates

Science Research Associates, Inc. (SRA) was established in 1938 with the goal of providing teachers with materials that would help a classroom full of students learning at different rates and styles. Today, SRA McGraw-Hill’s wide range of research-proven programs is making the difference to students’ confidence and getting results in schools. Trusted by teachers around the world, our iconic programs benefit from continual research to ensure they remain relevant and engaging. Many of McGraw Hill’s resources are based on the Direct Instruction philosophy, an explicit, intensive instructional teaching method that supports evidence-based learning and allows students of all abilities to build their skills.


Whether you’re new to the classroom or an experienced teacher, there is an SRA McGraw-Hill program you can rely on to help you face the challenges of today’s schooling environment.
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United Book Distributors

United Book Distributors is one of Australia’s largest Book Distributors, publishers include:
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SPES offers a range of used library books sourced from Council libraries in Australia. All books are in good condition and the categories include:

  • Junior Pictorial
  • Children’s non-fiction
  • Children’s Novels
  • Young Adult Novels
  • World Books (Encyclopaedias)
  • General Interest: Science/History/Sport/Autobiography/Cooking/Gardening etc.


The books are a fraction of their original price making it a great way to cost effectively update your library, or as a means of fund raising for your organisation.


Cengage Learning

Cengage Learning is a leading provider of learning solutions for the education market. Cengage Learning publishes a range of school and university educational materials written by many Australian and New Zealand authors who are specialists in their field. Cengage Learning is Australia's leading school publisher and is one of the top three publishers in the academic market in Australia.
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