Hills SVL

With tech-savvy students driving the development of the computerised world, schools and universities are the new frontline in today’s technological revolution. Nowhere is this more evident than in the classrooms, lecture halls and libraries of our leading academic institutions, where technology has created a “brave new world” of interactive learning experiences. From the latest interactive whiteboards and Internet streaming, to document cameras and interactive presentation technologies, Hills SVL has established a firm position at the leading edge of electronic education. Our exclusive partnership with Crestron gives our client’s access to four decades of automation leadership, and a range of intuitive platforms that – through clear graphics and simple, sequential operations – put the power of modern technology into the hands of every educator.


Whether for a single classroom or a multi-location university campus, Hills SVL can integrate all your AV infrastructure, communications systems and multimedia applications onto one reliable, real-time digital network – enabling you to focus wholly on the business of education.
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